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Renting With No Heat? What Should You Do?

If you rent an apartment or freestanding home, you’re likely prohibited by your lease from engaging in any repairs or installations without prior consent from your landlord. However, your landlord’s failure to maintain your home’s heater in good working condition can literally leave you and your family out in the cold. Can you purchase and […]

3 Tips To Make Your Office Move A Little Easier

Moving a business is not an easy task, but there are steps you can take to make it easier for you and everyone involved. One of the keys things you must do is hire a commercial moving company. A company that specializes in office moves will make this task so much easier and less stressful […]

How To Explain The Concept Of Cremation To A Child

For many children, death is an abstract concept that only applies to goldfish and distant relations. However, many children do experience the loss of a very close loved one, and when this happens, there are bound to be many questions and concerns. Most children can grasp the idea of death as a permanent loss of […]

How To Effectively Increase Productivity In Your Office

As an office manager, your main focus is likely the productivity of your office workers. As you know, working in an office environment has a number of challenges for your employees. The environment itself can improve productivity or reduce it substantially. U.S. News and World Report conducted a test they called the Coding War Games. […]

3 Ways To Make Your Office A Healthier Place To Be

Healthier office environments lead to greater productivity, higher employee retention rates, and many other benefits, and there are a lot of ways you can achieve this. You can start by looking into the air quality in your building because this is often a major source of toxins, and you can also consider taking the following […]