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Storing For The Long Haul: 3 Ways To Keep Stored Items Dust-Free

If you’re planning to store items in your storage unit for prolonged periods of time, dust will be one of your biggest enemies. While dust can easily enter your unit via small cracks and openings, one of the biggest cause for dust is the degradation of improperly sealed concrete floors.  Dust accumulation is inevitable; however, there are ways that you can prevent the dust from damaging your items and from getting too out of hand. This article will focus on 3 simple tips that can make a huge difference.

Store Everything in Sealed Boxes

Although it’s impossible to prevent some dust from settling on stored items, you can prevent the dust from getting into small crevices and cracks by sealing all items in air-tight plastic containers. This is especially true for any electronics that may be stored in the unit, as dust is known as a silent killer of electronics. Years of dust accumulation can easily render your electronics useless and damaged beyond repair. Dust can also cause colors to fade.

As a precaution, you should consider wrapping small items or particularly fragile items with plastic wrap. If you’re particularly keen on keeping dust exposure to a minimal, you can further place a plastic cover or a piece of fabric that will trap dust on top of everything. Placing a cover on top of everything will also help make cleaning an easier task, as you only need to remove the cover for a dust-free storage unit. If you choose a fabric that traps dust, you won’t even have to worry about whether the dust will fly everywhere when you remove the cover.

Purify the Air in the Unit Regularly Using Portable Air Filters

Portable air filters will do a good job in removing unwanted air-borne particles, like dust and bacteria, and even gases like smoke. There are many different types of air filters that you can choose from. If you are just concerned about dust, mechanical air filters will do the job; however, if you are seeking a high-performing filter that can remove almost all airborne particles, you should highly consider opting for a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter instead. HEPA filters rely on electrostatic precipitators to remove pollutants and contaminants, which make them more effective and efficient.

If you don’t want to invest money in purchasing a portable air filter or purifier for residential or personal uses, consider renting an industrial one. Although industrial air filters tend to be larger in size and require more power, they are quite effective and will remove dust from your unit in no time. Just make sure that the electric system of your storage unit can meet the power requirements of the industrial air filter. 

Opt for a Climate-Controlled Unit

Storage units with climate-control features will be connected to the HVAC system of the storage facility. Although HVAC systems can introduce dust into your unit via its continuous airflow, they can also remove unwanted pollutants and contaminants as well. Climate-controlled storage units are subject to less temporal and humidity changes. This reduces the risk of dust accumulation, especially since improperly sealed concrete flooring will be less likely to degrade.

If you start to notice dust accumulating in your unit, there’s a good chance that the air filter needs to be replaced or cleaned. Speak with the owner or manager of the storage facility about getting the air filters inspected.


Although it’s impossible to avoid dust altogether, you can keep dust accumulation to a minimum. There’s nothing worse than trying to find what you’re looking for years later in a mountain of dust. Don’t forget dust can cause irreparable damage to your items if it is not removed as soon as possible

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