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3 Ways A New Furnace Humidifier Will Pay For Itself

Are you thinking of having a furnace humidifier installed on your heating unit? If so, you’re making a wise decision. With the winter months comes low humidity and dry air, and a furnace humidifier can boost the humidity levels in your entire home all at once. But with an average whole-house unit costing between $200 and $550 installed, is it really worth the investment? Find out for yourself by checking out the below 3 ways your furnace humidifier will pay for itself. 

Fewer Medical Bills

The humidity in your home should hover somewhere between 40 and 60 percent. When it drops below that point, you increase your chance of getting sick because some viruses (influenza included) can live longer in dry air than they can in more humid air. You also become more susceptible to contracting these viruses, because dry air will impair the functioning of the mucous membrane that lines your respiratory tract and acts as a protective barrier against such microorganisms.

By installing a whole-house humidifier on your furnace, you can actually help your body fight off illnesses by making sure it’s defense system is lubricated and working well. You won’t only feel better and miss fewer days of work, but you’ll spend less money on doctor visits and prescriptions, too.

If you’re currently frequenting your local pharmacy for eye drops or lotions, you’ll save money there, as well; dry air also causes itchy, irritated skin and eyes. 

Longer-Lasting Belongings

You probably knew that high humidity levels can cause mold and mildew growth — it’s the reason you switch on the bathroom fan before you take a shower. You might be surprised, however, to learn that low humidity levels in your home can be equally damaging to your possessions.

Dry air can crack and warp wood, ruin glues and other adhesives, weaken paper, and crack paint. This leaves practically nothing in your house immune to the damaging effects of low humidity, including your furniture, books, artwork, floors, and walls. By having a whole house humidifier installed on your furnace, you can expect to be replacing worn out belongings a bit less frequently.

Moisture will be added to the air inside your house exactly when it’s needed — when you kick the furnace on because it’s getting cold outside. Whole-house humidifiers also have controls that allow you to easily adjust humidity levels, so you can always ease back if you feel like you’re reaching humidity levels that are high enough to cause damage to your belongings.

Lower Energy Costs

Humans judge how hot or warm it is in a room by how quickly perspiration evaporates off of their skin, and perspiration evaporates faster in dry air than it does in moist air. When perspiration evaporates quickly, heat is transferred from the body to the air quickly, leaving the body feeling cool. When perspiration evaporates slowly from the skin, heat is transferred slowly from the body to the air, and the body is able to remain warm.

In short, if you had two rooms (one with low humidity levels and one with high humidity levels), and the temperature of those rooms were exactly the same, you’d feel warmer for longer in the room with higher humidity levels than you would in the room with low humidity levels.

If you install a humidifier on your furnace that adds moisture to the air throughout your entire home, you’ll be able to drop your thermostat down a bit and experience the same level of comfort that you typically have in your home.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the cost to have a furnace technician come and install a furnace humidifier in your home, the answer is absolutely. With better health, longer lasting belongings, and lower energy bills, you can expect to see a return on your investment in the first year of use alone.