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4 Tips For Safely Packing China, Dishes And Glasses

Moving is stressful enough in itself, and the last thing that you want is to arrive to your brand new home, begin to unpack your china, dishes and glasses and realize that half of your dinnerware has been cracked or broken during the move. Due to the fragile nature of dinnerware, it needs to be packed in a particular manner to ensure that it stays safe during move. This includes packing it in such a way that it can’t shift, ensuring that it is padded properly, as well as making sure you have the right weight distribution during packing. There are a few helpful tips that you should employ when you start to pack up your fragile dinnerware to ensure that everything stays whole during your move.

Reinforce The Moving Box

You might be able to just toss your other belongings into a regular old moving box without too much worry. With fragile glassware, however, you need to take precautions to reinforce the moving box before you start to load it up. Dinnerware is quite heavy individually, and in large groups it becomes especially weighty. The last thing that you want is for all the dishes in your carefully packed box to fall out the bottom!

Before you begin packing, you should double tape up the bottom of the box on the outside. Once you have applied extra tape, take a large square of thick cardboard the size of the bottom of your box and place it in the bottom of the box. After you have ensured that the cardboard is securely in place, place a thin layer of bubble wrap on top of the cardboard. Now you are ready to start loading up your dishes.

Use Enough Padding

Instead of just placing the dishes in the box without any protection, you should wrap each dish in a layer of unprinted newspaper or bubble wrap. Resist the urge to initially wrap the dishes in newspaper, as the newsprint can bleed onto your dishes. Use unprinted newspaper or bubble wrap to initially wrap your dish, and if you want to wrap the dish a second time, go ahead and just use regular newspaper.

Resist the Urge To Stack Plates Vertically

Most people will want to pack their dishes horizontally, as that is how most things are packed. However, this is a bad idea. When you pack your dishes horizontally, regardless of the amount of padding that you include, it will put a ton of pressure on the bottom layer. This added pressure is a recipe for broken or cracked dishes.

Instead, lay each plate and bowl on its side, stacking each dish next to each other with padding in-between. Glasses, however, tend to be more fortified and can be packed horizontally. Once you have a layer of vertically stacked plates, place a layer of cardboard and bubble wrap on top of the vertically stacked plates, you can then stack more plates vertically on top if there is enough room to allow it. 

Inform the Movers What Boxes Contain Your Fragile Dinnerware

On top of labeling your boxes “fragile”, you should place all the boxes that contain fragile plates or glasses in the same area. You should then inform the movers that each of the boxes contains your dinnerware. This way the movers can not only handle the boxes accordingly while moving them, but also take care to not stack the fragile boxes on top of one another. Stacking too many boxes of fragile items could cause the items in the bottom box to break due to the pressure of the other boxes.

If you take the time to properly pack your dishes, you shouldn’t have any nasty surprises in the form of broken dinnerware when you arrive at your home and start to unpack. Take the extra time to use each one of these tips to ensure that you don’t have to deal with shards of china, glass and porcelain first thing in your new home.

For more packing and moving tips, contact experienced moving companies in your area. 

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