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3 Tips To Make Your Office Move A Little Easier

Moving a business is not an easy task, but there are steps you can take to make it easier for you and everyone involved. One of the keys things you must do is hire a commercial moving company. A company that specializes in office moves will make this task so much easier and less stressful for you, and here are three other things you should do to help reduce the stress and work required for this major move.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Depending on how big your office building is now, you may have a lot of stuff to move. If you can get rid of some of these things, moving will be easier, but it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are some ideas to consider using at least several months before the move:

  • Go through closets and storage space – There are always certain areas in a business that are used for storage purposes. In many cases, these areas are cluttered and disorganized. If you start by focusing on these areas, you may find a lot of stuff you can get rid of.
  • Determine a layout for new building – When you do this, you can then decide which office furniture you will keep and move to the new building, and which items you will get rid of. Several weeks before the move, you can mark the furniture items that will be disposed of, and you could do this with sticky notes.

Once you have determined what you do not want, you could try to turn them into cash by offering the items to employees. If they do not want them, you could try selling the items to an office liquidation company, and you could always donate any old electronics items to a recycling facility.

Give Employees Personal Responsibilities

Another way to make this office move easier is to give each employee certain responsibilities. While the commercial moving company will be responsible for actually moving the items, there are things they will not do. One of these things might be packing up personal items of employees.

If you send a memo to each employee of the company that states that they must pack up their own things, this will eliminate a lot of work and problems. You could supply boxes to the employees, and you could ask them to take these boxes home with them on the day before the move.

They could use these to pack up:

  • Family photos
  • Plants
  • Calendars and notepads
  • Items from drawers, such as pens and paper clips

When they return to work in the new office building, they can bring the boxes back with them. This will ensure that their things are safe, and it reduces the amount of work the commercial movers must do.

Use a Color Coordination System

Finally, you should use a color coordination system to help the movers know what to do when they get there. To set this up, you will need to assign colors to each room in the new office building. You can place stickers with these particular colors on the floors in the rooms. You should also place colored stickers on the furniture items that you have in your existing office building.

When the office movers see these colors, they will know where to put the items because of the colored stickers, and this will make the move faster and easier.

Moving is never easy; however, planning in advance is always extremely helpful. When you plan properly, you can get your existing building more organized, and this will help you when moving day comes. To learn more about commercial moving services, contact a moving company in your area.

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